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Year 11

Careers Education Plan 2017 – 2018

The activities devised for each year group derive from these entitlements:

By the end of Year 11:

  1. I will be able to review and reflect on how I have benefited from careers, employability and enterprise activities and experiences and show that I have acquired and developed qualities and skills to improve my employability
  2. I will be able to research my education, training, apprenticeship, employment and volunteering options and looking at the best progression options
  3. I will be able to find relevant labour market information and know how to use it when planning my career
  4. I will build on and make the most of the support around me, including how to use careers information, advice and guidance and know the difference between being objective and bias
  5. I will know how to make plans and decisions carefully including how to solve problems and deal with influences on me appropriately
  6. I will review and reflect on previous transitions to help me improve my preparation for future moves in education, training and employment