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Year 12

Careers Education Plan 2017-18

The activities devised for each year group derive from these entitlements:

By the end of year 12

  1. I will be able to develop and make the most of my personal networks of support and show that I am a productive and discerning user of careers information, advice and guidance
  2. I will be able to explain how I am developing my employability to meet my own expectations and the expectations of employers and co-workers
  3. I will be able to assess how I am changing and am able to match my skills, interests and values to requirements and opportunities to both learning and work
  4. I will be able to draw conclusions from researching and evaluating relevant labour market information to support my future plans
  5. I will be able to research and evaluate progression pathways and return on investment for the further and higher education, training, apprenticeship, employment and volunteering options that are open to me
  6. I will know how to make career enhancing plans and decisions
  7. I will know how to prepare for, perform well and learn from my participation in selection processes