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Questionnaire - Take this questionnaire to see what you know and ask questions about the things you do not know

Year 11 Complete this survey to help you plan your future


A little


All I need to know

1 I know what career  I am interested in




2 I could tell you about career activities I have already taken part in on Bright days and in tutor time




3 I know about the possible 16+ options available locally




4 I know about some of the jobs/apprenticeships/courses available to me in the future




5 I know what my personal action plan for year 11 is as far as future plans are concerned




6 I know about my own personal possible future paths




7 I know how some of my subjects relate to future career paths




8 I know the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects




9 I have learnt about some future paths because I have had the opportunity to meet or listen to people from those areas




10 I know about the skills that employers are looking for




11 I have had the opportunity to meet people from the world of work e.g. interviews/careers fairs/talks




12 I know when I will get the opportunity to do work experience at this school




13 I know about what college routes I could take (even if I don’t want to do that)




14 I know about university options (even if I don’t want to do that)




15 I know how to get a careers interview with Mrs Carter




16 I know more about my future options as I have had an interview with Mrs Carter